As a club you often pay nothing for 360SportsIntelligence through sponsorship

You will have the opportunity to sell six different logo spaces to potential sponsors, with which you can easily earn back your investment!

Easily recoup the costs

Sponsorship opportunities make it easy to recoup the monthly system costs.

Unique opportunity…

The logo of the sponsor displayed prominently

As a club, you can offer your sponsors a unique approach to reaching their target audience. The sponsor logos can be made visible on a large screen during training evenings and on weekends for all members of the association, but also for all visiting clubs to view.

360SportsIntelligence is happy to help …

We demonstrate the opportunities to potenital sponsors

If your club’s sponsor committee can find new potential sponsors to help pay for the system, then we’ll be happy to assist you. We have the information material and demonstrations to convince the sponsors.

The main benefits

The security of your footage is our priority.

Match Summaries

Unique content to display in the clubhouse. Summaries of all the games and all teams for you to use week in, week out.

Footage Belongs to the Club

We ensure that all footage is stored securely for you. The club determines who is allowed access and how the material is shared.

Revenue by Sponsorship

The possibility to include six different sponsor logos in the footage. The club can utilise these spaces to generate new income.