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Privacy docs

When installing our solution, we provide the association with a set of AVG (European privacy guideline) documents that enable the association to use 360SportIntelligence within the AVG frameworks and guidelines. The system, internal procedures and security of our solution have been examined and approved by external legal and technical specialists. To help associations on their way to comply with this, we have drawn up a step-by-step plan. If you go through the step-by-step plan, your association is also ready for the GDPR.

Own rights

Role management

Within our application we work with different roles. This gives you as an association full control over who gets access and what rights someone has, but also at what times he or she is authorized to schedule recordings. In environments where several associations are active or that are rented out to third parties, this ensures that the system cannot be used improperly and that recordings cannot be made at the wrong times.

Technically right


Our solution is technically well secured. Within the organization there are clear guidelines about development and management of the system. The technology and internal procedures are periodically tested and adjusted where necessary.

Your security is our concern…

Privacy statement

We treat all collected data carefully, safely and confidentially. The processing of data only takes place in accordance with existing guidelines of the Personal Data Protection Act. By using our application and visiting our website you agree to the use of your data, as described in our privacy statement.