An overview of our sports

Video analytics solutions for all sports. Hardware and software!


Video analytics in soccer is becoming more and more populair. Not only reserved for professionals, but now also accessible for recreational sports. With images from the side, or from behind the goals. 360SportsIntelligence offers soccer clubs various setup options for video analysis.


Video analysis is no stranger to volleyball. A lot of data is already being registered and in combination with images the learning effect for players only increases. 360SportsIntelligence offers volleyball associations a simple video analysis solution, which automatically records everything for the clubs.


This sport, which is practiced both indoors and outdoors, can be perfectly visualized with the video analysis solution from 360SportsIntelligence. As a fan you don’t miss a moment through the livestream with the entire field in view, and as a trainer or coach you can view the details per half to make your team even better.


Hockey is a progressive sport, in which video analysis has been commonplace for years. The 360SportsIntelligence solution now makes video analytics accessible to all clubs and to all teams. No need for a video tower and no manual recordings, but images of all training sessions and competitions. Every week.

Tennis & Padel

Tennis is worldwide a big sports and padel is on the rise. Sports where video analysis fits well! 360SportsIntelligence offers the possibility to record everything with its video analysis solution. From technique to tactics and from training to competitions. Various camera positions are possible here.


Another ball sport that lends itself perfectly to video analysis. Also an attractive sport for live streaming. 360SportsIntelligence offers rugby associations various camera positioning options, including an automatic side camera that follows the game.

Baseball & Softball

Baseball and softball, one of the world’s greatest sports, is perfect for 360SportsIntelligence’s video analytics solution. With overview images of the field and detailed images of the pitcher, catcher and the bases, you will never miss a moment of the games. Moments to learn from, and to enjoy!

Water polo

Unique circumstances; an indoor sport and played in the water. Nevertheless, this sport is also ideal for recording with the 360SportsIntelligence solution. Beautiful overview images of the entire pool, images from behind the goals and detailed images for technique training. Extremely suitable for analysis and entertainment.

Other sports

Is your sport not listed yet, but are you interested in a video analysis solution for the entire club? We are happy to take on the challenge. Contact us and we will be happy to look at the possibilities together with you.

The biggest benefits

The club is the owner of the solution

Match summaries

Unique content in the canteen and online: (automatic) summaries of all matches, of all teams. Week in, week out.

Footage is from the club

And the hardware is also yours. We ensure that all footage is stored securely. The club decides who gets access.

Income from sponsorships

Space for six sponsor logos that the club can fill in itself, in order to generate new income in this way.

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