We are a team...!

...a team of passionate web specialists and sports enthusiasts. Our intention is to make video analysis accessible to everyone. For every athlete and every team, at every level of competition. Not only is it fun to watch yourself in action, but video analysis helps you to develop your skills and perform better in your sport.

January 2018

Easily export clips with 360Export

    360Export is one of the functions available in our web application. It allows you to make video clips by compiling competition images. The selected competition moments are bundled in an MP4 file. You can select one moment, or twenty, it is entirely up to you. Making it easier for your club to share content!

    August 2017

    Launching 360Tag

      360Tag is now available for Android and IOS devices. With this mobile app, associations can tag the most important moments live during the match. This saves you a lot of time and work after the game. It makes our solution even easier and more user-friendly.

      June 2017

      Twenty associations using 360SportsIntelligence

        We are growing fast. No fewer than 20 associations are now using the video analysis solution from 360SportsIntelligence. MHC Ede (Hockey Club) even installed the system on two fields. A milestone to be proud of!

        May 2016

        New features

          After the introduction of the new interface, we also examined the functionality of our application. The new features include zoom capabilities, delayed or fast playback, and the drawing function.

          March 2016

          First basketball club as a customer

            360SportsIntelligence moves indoor. The Jugglers basketball club from Enschede is now using our video analysis solution, becoming a distinguished athletic association.

            January 2016

            Awarded Sport Innovator grant

              The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport promotes innovation in sports by awarding subsidies to promising ideas, projects or research centres. An expert jury, consisting of representatives from government, industry, science and technology, awards a Sport Innovator grant to 360SportsIntelligence.

              December 2015

              Young Technology Award Nomination

                Every year the Kennispark Foundation organises the Young Technology Award elections, a prestigious award for the most promising technological innovations in the Netherlands. This year 360SportsIntelligence is one of the five nominees!

                December 2015

                First football club as a customer

                  We are generating increasing interest in our video analysis system from other sports; CSVV Sparta from Enschede is the first football club to choose 360SportsIntelligence.

                  October 2015

                  TOP place award

                    Kennispark Twente, the knowledge network around the University of Twente, assigns a TOP place to 360SportsIntelligence. For a year we have access to the experience and expertise of the network partners.

                    May 2015

                    The first update

                      With the feedback we received from our first users we have started to develop an improved version of the interface. This will be a more intuitive and user-friendly design.

                      March 2015

                      Mobile set-up

                        To introduce more clubs to 360SportsIntelligence we have developed a mobile version of our camera system. This mobile system can be used for demonstration purposes and tournament events.

                        December 2014

                        Subsidy for Social ICT

                          For the further development of our product we appealed to the Social ICT subsidy. The Province of Overijssel awarded this to 360SportsIntelligence in December 2014.

                          August 2014

                          Our first customer

                            After a year of experimenting and developing our system, we can deliver the first version of our video analysis. Hockey club OHC Bully from Oldenzaal chooses 360SportsIntelligence.

                            March 2013

                            The start of 360SportsIntelligence

                              Hockey club EHV in Enschede is the location for the first test set-up of 360SportsIntelligence.