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#1 The basics

Whatever you need – no matter which solution you choose.

A server

IT – small equipment

TV with a media player

#2 Possible camera perspectives

Choose the camera perspectives you like.


  • is placed high, so that a large part of the field is visible;
  • a lot of field in view, therefore a lot of overview;
  • be able to determine mutual distances well;
  • perfect for analysis purposes.


  • perfect for zooming in on specific part of the field;
  • due to high resolution also often used to show sharp and detailed images from one side of the field to the other;
  • perfect for focusing on, for example, the penalty area (soccer), the circle (hockey), the throwline (baseball) or the net line (volleyball).


  • the intermediate form of A & B;
  • mainly used as a stationary side camera, where the degree of zooming can be determined.


  • currently only available for football and hockey;
  • automatically follows the game from the long side of the field;
  • perfect image for both analysis and experience;
  • no need to manually switch between cameras.


  • ‘dome’ overview camera;
  • this camera is necessary to generate summaries without live tagging;
  • can be useful if you want to capture a large horizontal point of view with one camera.

# 3 Camera poles

For outdoor sports it may mean that one or more poles are required to mount the chosen cameras.

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