An overview of our partners

We are proud of these collaborations, nationally and internationally!

360SI National partners

Official Supplier KNHB

Together with the KNHB, we aim to make recreational hockey more accessible at the associations digitally and to be able to show hockey footage to a wider audience than has been possible until now. Part of the agreement between the KNHB and 360SportsIntelligence is the possibility for associations to show live images and summaries via the app of the hockey platform with effect from the new hockey season (2021/2022). To this end, the KNHB makes its official stand motor available.

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Various live streams and highlights of recordings in the Tulip Hoofdklasse Men (hockey), Hoofdklasse Women (hockey), Hoofdklasse Baseball, Volleyball Eredivisie Men and Volleyball Eredivisie Women made with the 360SportsIntelligence solution appear on the Eyecons platform.

Tulp Hoofdklasse Heren & Hoofdklasse Dames

We have a partnership with the HHcv, the representative organ of the Hoofdklasse clubs, in which we provide all Hoofdklasse Hockey clubs with our solution and ensure automatic registration of the matches in the Tulp Hoofdklasse Men and Hoofdklasse Women.

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Official Partner Eredivisie Volleybal

We have been an Official Partner of the Eredivisie Volleyball since 2020 and, together with the Nevobo, we ensure that all matches in this competition are registered and broadcast live. All matches are provided with commentary and can be found on and

360SI International partners

Official Partner Soccer Belgium

DLC SportSystems is our partner for the Belgian soccer market. They take care of the sales conversations for us, but also the logistics roll-out and maintenance. In addition to our video analysis solution, DLC SportSystems also supplies multifunctional digital scoreboards. Both applications ensure that the sport improves, the fan experience is increased and clubs generate extra income. And that for sports of every level! At DLC, the software development and engineering are done in-house, which means that they work very flexibly.

Official Partner England

360Sport is our UK partner for all sports. Not only for solutions at clubs, but also for constructions at (private) schools.