The 360SportsIntelligence Process

360SportsIntelligence takes care of your club and arranges everything from A to Z.

Step 1

Demo at your club

We come to your club and provide an extensive demonstration of our product. We recommend that a delegation from the board, the technical staff, the sponsor committee and some players are present during the demonstration. We are only satisfied when all your questions have been answered.

Step 2

The system installation

We visit the club for a site survey to map the situation at the club. We provide this information in a document that explains exactly how the roll-out will take place. We arrange everything for you; all materials, all suppliers and all activities. We also like to help you get faster internet, find sponsors, or install the cables in the ground.

Step 3

System training and operation

When the installation is complete, our experiencemanager comes along to give a user training. She teaches the users the intricacies of the profession. As a club you are entitled to a user training twice a year, but if it is necessary more often, we will just drop by. For all your questions, but also for possible wishes and tips you have contact with the experiencemanager.

Step 4

Service and maintenance

360SportsIntelligence continues to develop our services, and we are open to your wishes and feedback. As soon as we have new features available, we roll them out immediately at all our associations. If a camera needs to be replaced, or if maintenance is require in any way, we will arrange this. Free of charge.

The main benefits

The security of your footage is our priority.

Match Summaries

Unique content to display in the clubhouse. Summaries of all the games and all teams for you to use week in, week out.

Footage Belongs to the Club

We ensure that all footage is stored securely for you. The club determines who is allowed access and how the material is shared.

Revenue by Sponsorship

The possibility to include six different sponsor logos in the footage. The club can utilise these spaces to generate new income.

Request a free demo at your club location

We offer you the chance to judge our video analysis system at your club, and view the images with your own eyes. We would be happy to visit you on site for a free demonstration and convince you that 360SportsIntelligence will benefit your club.